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Download the final Patch of
Pokemon Breeder Version

Final Version


Download the final patched ROM of
Pokemon Breeders Version
Final Version

Download the ROM of Pokemon Blue
Click Here

To unzip this file you need WinZip, and to apply the patch you need SnesTool, which you can find in the Utilities section. To play the patched ROM you need an emulator. You can find GameBoy emulators in the Emulators section.

Pokemon Breeders Version is my own idea, I decided to create a game based around Brock who wants to be the Worlds Greatest Pokemon Breeder. The game will follow him till he gets to The Elite Four who will be the Greatest Breeders. Each Gym Trainer will now be a breeder who he has to fight in order to get there Pokemon Breeding Secrets.

Note: Pokémon is copyrighted to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures. This is an unofficial hack, and I am not connected with these companies.



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