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Download the latest patch of
Doraemon Memories
No Patch Yet

Download the latest patched ROM of
Doraemon Memories
No Patch Yet

Download the ROM of
Doraemon Memories
Click Here

This patch includes a Readme file with instructions for applying the patch and a full list of what has been changed so far.

To unzip this file you need WinZip, and to apply the patch you need SnesTool, which you can find in the Utilities section. To play the patched ROM you need an emulator. You can find Game Boy emulators in the Emulators section.

This is the first time Doraemon has been on GameBoy, but it is still just as great as on the SNES, just a lot simpler. A great game that gets you hooked.

Note: The Legend of Doraemon and all the related games and characters are copyrighted to Nintendo. This is an unofficial transaltion, and I am not connected with these companies.

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