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Download the latest
Pokemon Green Patch
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Download the latest patched ROM of
Pokemon Green
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Download the Japanese ROM of
Pokemon Green
Click Here

This patch includes a Readme file with instructions for applying the patch and a full list of what has been changed so far.

To unzip this file you need WinZip, and to apply the patch you need SnesTool, which you can find in the Utilities section. To play the patched ROM you need an emulator. You can find GameBoy emulators in the Emulators section.

Pokemon Green was never released in English, although there are many patches already out there. I did this for own personal ambitions. Different to all Pokemon Green Translations. We are working with DB Translations on this project.

Note: Pokémon is copyrighted to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures. This is an unofficial translation, and I am not connected with these companies.

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