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Welcome to Pokemon Web hack, we have added a number of new parts to our pokemon web page. You can see at the bottom of the page a new map area which shows all the changes we have done to the map. Each time we add a new part to the map we put a screenshot linking from the town we edited. We also have a number of screenshots of the new pokemon we have changed and also we have some other parts of Pokemon Web which u may find interesting I hope u enjoy this hack it started in October and  will take ages to complete but once it is complete I believe it will be one of the best hacks seen in ages.

>>Additional Screenshots<<
>>Download Latest Patch< <
>>New WebDex <<

We have finally gone through all the entries of the Pokemon Design Competition and finally chosen the winner, I would like to thank all the people who entered the comp and I have to admit there was a number of great designs. So here is the newest pokemon in pokemon web his name is Worgrite he is a snow cub pokemon and has a number of ice and water attacks, he evolves into worgoothe at level 21 and he is a very strong ice pokemon.
The creator of this pokemon is Thaddigren and he will be our first gym leader. So congratulations to him and Thank you to all others who made some wonderful creations, we may ask some other the finalists if we could use there pokemon as they are very good although they will not receive a gym.

We have some screenshots which are available below which are not on the town map.
Also there is a download area which has all our latest patches of pokemon web.  We maybe adding a pokedex again, but we will definetley have a list of new pokemon.


Pokemon Map Screenshots
i.e. Click in the town u wish to view the screenshots of what we have done to the particular town.


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